New GOAL GETTERS Calorie Plan

What’s changed?

  • You can now simply select the amount of calories you want on your plan rather than having them generated by our system. The plans are still tailored to your goal but offer you more flexibility and visibility over your choices.
  • When you select your meals you will see a calorie counter which shows you an average per day of how many calories you'll be eating based on the meals you have selected. The meals are pre-selected to fit within your calorie target but you can easily make changes. If you go over or under the amount of calories you need you be told on the page.
  • Other than that nothing else has changed. Same delicious meal and snack choices and same proven system for achieving your goal.

Has the price changed?


How do I know how many calories i need?

Steps per Day MALE FEMALE
Less than 5 000 1500 - 1800 1200 - 1500
More than 5 000 1800+ 1500 - 1800
More than 10 000 1800+ 1800+
Unknown 1500 - 1800 1200 - 1500

What do I need to do to change plans?

  • If you want to continue on your existing plan, that's absolutely fine. You can do so without doing anything.
  • If you want to switch to a new one, you need to cancel your existing subscription and start a new one. Don't worry, your progress will be saved and you will still have access to the workout program and pick up where you left off.

Anything else?

  • Ask the Goal Getters team on their Facebook page at
  • Speak to Customer Support using the Help Beacon in the bottom right of the screen.