Deliveries over Christmas & New Years

DPD will be unable to deliver any MuscleFood orders on the following dates:

Delivery Date
Friday 24/12/2021
Saturday 25/12/2021 (Christmas Day) 
Sunday 26/12/2021 (Boxing Day)
Monday 27/12/2021
Tuesday 28/12/2021
Wednesday 29/12/2021
Saturday 01/01/2022 (New Years Day)
Sunday 02/01/2022
Monday 03/01/2022

***If you have a subscription, any delivery due on one of these days will be automatically assigned to the next most appropriate date (see below table). You will receive an email informing you of this change in advance.
If you wish to change this delivery date, check out how to do so here or get in touch with Customer Support.