Why is my order pending/on hold?

If your order is pending/on hold it will be due to the payment not being authorised by your bank or building society.

We would have sent you an email advising that your payment failed and that you should check your card details as we would attempt to take payment the following day at 10am.
It may have declined due to one of the following reasons so please check your details before we try to re-authorise
  •  Insufficient Funds
  •  Incorrect Details entered on the site (card detail is incorrect or billing address does not match where card is registered)
  •  Card does not originate in the UK
  •  Expired Card
  •  Fraud prevention via your bank
To update your payment details:

Simply log into your account and then click 'Payment Options'.
At this stage you can update the payment details by entering them and clicking save.
These details can then be used for any orders currently recorded in the Future Deliveries Section of your account and any other future orders.