FREE Lunch For the Week! - Recurring Meal Pots


When you sign up to this offer "Try A Week & Get A 2nd Week Free" you will pay £19.95 for the first week of meals, receive the following week of meals for FREE and then be sent bi-weekly deliveries with 25% off every 2 weeks (just £2.99 per meal) - Full details are available on the page.

We send a reminder email a few days before each delivery so you can edit your selection of meals.

If you wish to stop future deliveries, edit your selection of meals, or change your delivery frequency, you can do so in your account.

Simply log in to your account and click future orders.

As soon as you’re through to the Future Orders section, click the View the Contents option and this will detail the contents of your order.

From here you can add to or remove anything from your order as you please, although the order must be in the Future Deliveries section of your account for as soon as your order starts to be processed, we are unable to make any alterations.

If you do make any changes and the green Confirm Order button appears, please click this to ensure that the alterations are accepted.

You should then receive a new Pending Order Confirmation email detailing your order.

To cancel, simply empty the contents of the basket.