Delivery Days

When it comes to delivery, you are completely in control. We offer the earliest available delivery date your food can be delivered by default, but you can choose what day your food will be delivered.

Please see the delivery timelines available from the options below:

Please use the below chart to determine your earliest possible delivery date ...

Delivery times in standard delivery post codes

Standard Delivery Post Codes
Purchase Date Healthy Shop Goal Getters
Before 11am After 11am Before 11am After 11am
Monday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday Thursday
Tuesday Thursday Friday Thursday Friday
Wednesday Friday Saturday Friday Saturday
Thursday Saturday Tuesday Saturday Tuesday
Friday Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Tuesday
Saturday Wednesday Wednesday Tuesday Wednesday
Sunday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Delivery times in extended delivery post codes

2 Day Delivery Post Codes
Purchase Date Healthy Shop Goal Getters
Before 11am After 11am Before 11am After 11am
Monday Thursday Friday Thursday Friday
Tuesday Friday Next Wednesday Friday Next Wednesday
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
Friday Wednesday Thursday Wednesday Thursday
Saturday Thursday Thursday (before 9am) Wednesday (before 9am) Wednesday
Sunday Thursday Thursday (before 9am) Wednesday (before 9am) Thursday

Please be aware that the first available delivery date may not be the day shown above in the unlikely event of operational or stock related issues. If and when this is the case we will always do our best to communicate this, so you are aware.

SMS Delivery Notifications:

To help you keep up to date with when your order is arriving, on the day of your delivery you will receive SMS messages letting you know when your order will be delivered and confirmation it has been delivered.

Once you order you will receive the following SMS notifications:

  • Confirmation your order is on the van for delivery on the day of delivery
  • Notification your order will be delivered within a specific two-hour time slot
  • Confirmation your order has been delivered once successfully delivered

Please ensure you double check your mobile phone number when placing your order. Please also be aware that the times mentioned are estimates and drivers can be delayed due to factors outside their control.

All deliveries can be left in a designated safe place or with a neighbour but if you wish to sign for your delivery yourself our SMS notifications will help.

Carefully Designed Chilled Packaging:

All our fresh produce is delivered in specially designed temperature controlled boxes that stay chilled for up to 48 hours, so all your food arrives super fresh every time you order.

When you order fresh products your MuscleFood order arrives with:

Diagram showing our super chilled packaging with tough exterior box and frozen gel packs
  • Top quality temperature controlled boxes - Our insulated boxes are made from closed cell non cross linked polythylene keeping your meats fresh for up to 48 hours.
  • Hydrated gel ice sheets - These specially designed sheets are pre-cooled before enveloping your order to ensure your meat arrives chilled (not frozen). They help keep your meat as fresh as the day it was cut and they can be reused.
  • Triple strength layered box - Our custom made boxes are three times stronger than ordinary boxes and are specifically designed for carrying chilled meats.
  • Recyclable & reusable - All our packaging has been designed to be reused or recycled.