What is included in the plan?

All of our Goal Getters plans include an item from each of the following for each day you have purchased the plan for:

• Breakfast
• Morning snack
• Lunch
• Afternoon snack
• Dinner
• Evening snack
E.g. If you purchase the 5 day plan you will receive 5 items from each category, for the 6 day plan you will receive 6 items from each category and the 7 day plan you will receive 7 items from each category.
On top of this, you will also receive all of the below as part of your Goal Getters subscription:
• Exclusive access to an optional workout program to follow on the musclefood website. 
• Access to a private Facebook community group with 11,000+ members through which you can receive support from qualified Personal Trainers.
• Physical and Digital Workout tracker 
• Physical and Digital Progress tracker
• VIP Customer support